What are the Forum Rules?


We do not aim to censor posts as long as they fall inside the rules and guidelines. We welcome debate and views expressed from every angle, and we do not take a stance, for or against, any wildlife or environment topic.
We reserve the right to move, modify or delete posts or threads, without explanation, and may take further action to disable the offender's account at the discretion of the moderators.
Public posts debating these rules, terms and conditions and/or moderators' enforcement of such, may be removed without comment. However, we encourage feedback and invite you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 

You are allowed only one account
Usernames must not include company, website, email or other contact information
Do not poach members or content for other sites
Be polite - respect other members and their opinions, and do not post disruptive, provoking or objectionable content
Don't be creepy! - You know the sort of guys we're talking about...don't be one of those guys!
Do not encourage or promote any illegal activity.
All content must be in English and not abbreviated, texting or slang
No Offensive Language - including swearing, innuendo, abbreviations, characters like **@£! and symbols.
Light-hearted - please don't post on topics that are heavily religious, political, sexual, illegal etc...there's plenty of other places on the net for these kind of posts.
Privacy - Do not request or give out personal and private information about yourself or other people
Spam - don't advertise products or services, or promote external websites for profit or gain - also see external links
Don't post simply with the purpose of increasing your post count
Don't post to promote a thread
Hijacking - don't take threads off topic
Colouring Text - don't try to hide content in the background

Private Messages

All forum posting rules also apply to private messages
The administrator has access to read all Private Messages.
You may not make public the content of any other member's private messages without their prior consent.


Signatures must be no more than two lines of default-sized black text
The signature should not be displayed in the text area of each post, but submitted via the signature box of the member control panel.
Signatures can include a single reciprocal link to a non-commercial wildlife/environment website 

Posting Forum Images
We do not allow external images in the forum (including links to images on external sites. Please post your images in the gallery or image library to include  them in your forum posts...Read More



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