Gallery Guidelines


What are the Gallery Guidelines?


The Wild About Britain gallery has lots of stunning photographs with some of the best British wildlife images to be found anywhere on the Internet. In order to maintain these high standards, we have produced the following guidelines to help all members display their photographs in the gallery. 
*****Please Do Not Post Images of Bird Nests***** 
Are My Pictures Good Enough?
The Wild About Britain gallery has high standards, but there's no reason why almost everyone shouldn't be able to post pictures, as long as they have a decent camera and basic photography skills. We don't expect members to be professional photographers and if your images meet the following guidelines, then there's a good chance that they will be included in the gallery.
If you would like to upload an image that you don't think it is good enough for the gallery, please upload it to the Image Library.
Quick Guidelines

A good gallery needs good photographs, but it also takes a lot of hard work to keep everything organised, with images properly named and in their correct categories. Thankfully, we've got some superb volunteers who work as Gallery Editors that keep it looking so good. However, to help them on their way, please ensure that your images are submitted exactly as set out below.

Please use capitals in the correct places and format the title as:

Common Name - Scientific name (gender) <-- if known

For example:
Zebra Spider - Salticus scenicus (male)

Include the dash between the Common Name and Scientific name
Do not add any_extra_characters, "quotes", question marks etc.???.
Ensure that there are correct spaces between the words in your title and not titlesthatlooklikethisandarehardtoread.
Add relevant keywords in the keyword box.
Only use the 'Photography Comments' box for info about
camera equipment and the techniques that you used. All other info about
the weather, where you took the photograph, what you did that day etc.
should go in the main description area.

Image Quality
Images must be in focus, well-lit (not too light or too dark) and clear; so that the subject is easily identifiable.

No Advertising
You are allowed to include a small, short and discreet copyright or name to your images, but do not add corporate names, website names, email addresses or other contact details
The Main Subject
Ensure that the subject of your photograph adequately fills the frame, unlike the buzzard in the following photograph
Image Sizes
Images should be at least 800x600 (not 600x800), and can be as large as you like, but they'll be automatically resize to a maximum width or height of 1600 pixels. On occasions, we may accept smaller photos if they are of rare subjects or unusual circumstances.

Images may be enhanced to make them clearer, but not modified to add or take anything away. Please avoid over-editing images with too much sharpen, contrast, brightening etc. If jagged edges or speckles appear in the image (like those in the green area below) then it has probably been sharpened too much.

Similar Images
Please only upload 2 or 3 images of the same subject, and only if they're quite distinctly different, rare or showing unusual behaviour. For example, the following 3 images are virtually identical and so only 1 should be uploaded to the gallery.

Big or Artistic Borders
Please do not add borders or artwork to your images.

No Pets Allowed
This is a picture of my dog 'Honey'. Unfortunately, she's not part of British wildlife so she can't go in the gallery Please don't post photographs of your pets...and remember they're not just for Christmas .

File Compression
Please try to compress your files so that they are relatively small (ideally under 250kb), but not so much that it starts to noticeably affect the quality of the pic. This will help us save space on the server, make it quicker for viewers to see the images load on the screen, and also make it faster for you to upload your pictures.
Compressing jpegs to a level of 7 or 8 (70-80%) should do the trick. In the following images, the 75% compression has an almost indistinguishable level of detail to the
100%, but it has a considerably smaller file size. However, the 50% is only marginally smaller than the 75% and yet it is heavily pixelated and a lot lower quality.



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