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  1. Any help out there to ID bracket fungus?
  2. Large bracket in France
  3. I need help to id 2 fungi
  4. help id yellow fungus
  5. rose rust
  6. collared parachute
  7. ID of fungus growing in home
  8. Help with ID please
  9. Stictis, Annulohypoxylon and a possible Mollisia
  10. Penicillium sp. any one interested in ID help (with macro and micro details)
  11. Small flat fungi needs ID
  12. Slime Mould?
  13. ID help please
  14. Asco's on deer pellet
  15. oyster mushroom on cow dung
  16. Melanotus horizontalis on hemp rope
  17. Razor Strop Fungus
  18. Silage substrate!
  19. Id please
  20. id please
  21. it was what it is this
  22. Help with ID please
  23. Unidentified fungus - similar to parasol
  24. ID help please.
  25. Help with ID please
  26. Unidentified flower-like fungus
  27. Is this a type of slime mould?
  28. Found on Greater Plantain leaf
  29. Unidentified fungal clumps
  30. Large Ganoderma type fungi growing inside hollow Oak
  31. Unidentified Fungi
  32. Big mushroom in old barn soil in North Yorkshire
  33. These grow every year at my offices
  34. Something on Dandelion leaves for ID please.
  35. Red Asco on Angelica
  36. Mollisia?
  37. Please help me identify this shaggy parasol like fungus in greenhouse
  38. On Willowherb for ID please
  39. On Buttercup for ID please
  40. On Rhododendron for ID please
  41. Small pink jelly blobs on dead plant stem for ID please
  42. Sand dune brain like fungus
  43. Tiny Galerina ID using synoptic key by David Savage
  44. Large Galerina ID using synoptic key by David Savage
  45. Mycena speirea?
  46. Trametes ochracea?
  47. Phlebia rufa?
  48. juncus lachnum
  49. Is this a oyster mushroom?
  50. Hi Please can someone tell me which Parasola this is?
  51. Yellow tree fungus identification
  52. Yellow fruiting body fungi on bog site in Northumberland
  53. Darlington Fungi ID
  54. Fungi ID beech Wood surrounding field mid November
  55. Fungus found on Inner Bark
  56. Help with this Fungi or whatever please
  57. Hi I am new to this site can any one I D this
  58. Fungi on Calluna stems
  59. Fungi ID
  60. Fungi on myxomycete - blistrum ovalisporum?
  61. Stuff on Blackberry for ID please
  62. Fungus for ID please
  63. Fungi ID
  64. Fungus for id
  65. Fungus for ID please
  66. Help to identify these two groupos of fungi please
  67. Bracket fungus at base of horse chestnut
  68. Frustrated by Agaricus .... help please
  69. Spiked-top maze gill bracket ID please
  70. help please I need to ideintify a mushroom