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  1. Anyone know of a petition to reinstate set aside land?
  2. 'year of the frog' petition
  3. Save Pollock Park
  4. animal cruelty
  5. Wolves back on the protected list in USA
  6. Look out for seals in Scotland
  7. hi please sign this URGENT petition
  8. Another (international) petition against the Welsh badger cull
  9. Skylark site destruction
  10. 26th July Colwyn Bay Welsh Badger Cull
  11. Petition to get Bristol City Council to make Grove Woods a Nature Reserve!
  12. Badger Cull ?
  13. Marine Bill Campaign
  14. Petition against Metaldehyde Slug Pellets
  15. 28th June Cardiff Badger Rally
  16. Government to reconsider Trump Development in Scotland
  17. Save Steve's Land!!!!
  18. Campaign against glass bus shelters!!!
  19. Banish the Bag
  20. Sale of Ancient Woodland in Bourne by the FC
  21. Please pay attention to polls
  22. Urgent Please to Help the Amersham Horses
  23. Welsh Assembly considers badger cull
  24. Earth Hour 2008
  25. Campaigning for Free Range Chickens.
  26. Dont put wildlife in your tank
  27. Sharkwater
  28. A Petition against the Slaughter of Whales
  29. Marine Reserves Now
  30. Include the Western Weald in the South Downs National Park
  31. 244 swan deaths in 6yrs
  32. Personal Locator Beacons
  33. Diary Format Wildlife Shows What Do You Think???
  34. Wastwater- Nuclear Twist
  35. Coal Power Station
  36. Beech is welcome in the North??
  37. Help My Quest
  38. Trump off - petition against his proposed development on SSI near Aberdeen
  39. RSPCA Campaign Against Badger Cull petition
  40. Help Save Our Birds Of Prey
  41. Cultivation of GM Maize in Europe
  42. Virgin Media tortoise and rocket advert
  43. Advice about planning applications / saving the wildlife.
  44. Lyme Bay Petition
  45. READ THIS FIRST - Campaigns and Petition Rules
  46. Badger Cull Downing Street Petition
  47. Sherwood: The Living Legend Project
  48. Petition Against Save Songbirds
  49. Petition - Snaring in Scotland
  50. Massacre of Birds in Spain
  51. Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare
  52. Sky-diving for eggs from caged hens ban
  53. Petition Fish!
  54. Who can I ask, or complain to about ...
  55. bees
  56. Environment Protestors
  57. RSPB petition, help save our sealife.
  58. Petition for Ancient Wood & no more Green Belt creep - please help
  59. help!!!! urgent!!!
  60. DEFRA Consultation on Non Native Species Strategy
  61. Biodiversity vs Bulldozers in Bulgaria
  62. Charities and the Environment Public Consultation
  63. Supermarket trolleys in rivers/canals
  64. 'We want this baby polar bear dead' say animal rights lobby
  65. Protest the Canadian Seal Hunt
  66. Support for Lancashire Police
  67. Petition To Prime Minister
  68. Tortoise Protection Group
  69. The Big Ask
  70. Uist Hedgehogs - no more killing