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Re: 1000 for 1 km square - anyone up to the challenge?

Originally Posted by RoyW View Post
I have three different paper maps that cover my square Deb - and that's not including maps that cover the whole of London or an even wider area, or the maps in Lee Valley Park leaflets!

I've opted for the 1km square that I am likely to spend the most time in during the year, other than when I am at work or at home.
For some reason I tend to spend more time in the decent wildlife habitat found locally than wandering around built up areas.
I'm glad people will be working a variety of habitats including excellent wildlife ones, it will make for an interesting comparison.

Don't knock urban walls though - how many species are possible on a decent stretch? Lichens, mosses, higher plants, collembola, arachnids, bag-worms, hymenoptera, hemiptera...

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