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Re: 1000 for 1 km square - anyone up to the challenge?

I'll be tackling an urban square in my home town of Exeter


Originally Posted by Chris Yeates View Post
I don't think -
11. Evidence-only records (mole hills, galls, leaf-miners, etc) do not count for the competition unless the organism itself is seen or heard.
as a bare rule is a good idea, many of these are unequivocal and the possibility of confusion (and thus of course justifiable exclusion) could be cleared up by an acknowledged expert
I absolutely agree with you Chris. Some people on the original blog feel strongly that they can't tick anything unless photons have bounced off the chitin and in through their eye... Personally its the unequivocal record that is more important.


Originally Posted by Chris Yeates View Post
I suppose it's a fun idea, and I am a great one for working ones local patches rather than driving for miles to 'special' spots; but I would prophesy that you won't get anywhere near 1000 unless you are doing (or getting someone else to do) a lot of entomology and mycology . . .
good hunting
..I think its mostly about the learning experience. Getting external help is certainly allowed (sending 50 gall wasps to a Hymenopterist by post is not..) and the point is to get people looking at things they might not otherwise have bothered with, collembola, spiders, plant parasites.. participants will be missing a trick if they don't spend some time in here!

Hopefully it will generate up some interesting records in unusual places.

1000 certainly is a challenge.. but its possible, with either mycology or entomology, even botany alone in some squares, and certainly with a combination of the above and a few tweety birds thrown in.

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