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Re: Bird of the day!

Sorry to be a little late - comes with age.

I managed to get out in the rare sun on Sunday afternoon walking from my village to the next and back again, in a loop following tracks through fields. Had hardly begun when I saw a green woodpecker just too far away for a keeper pic. Later on, crept nearer to a perching kestrel and managed a couple of shots of her in flight. To cap it all, reached the concrete farm road on the way home and was royally entertained by a barn owl for about 15 minutes. Managed some keeper shots - but these are probably cull fodder. He was out early and it was still sunny, but I would have liked to have got a bit nearer - next time - or the time after that - ......

An excellent couple of hours considering the frustrations caused by wind, rain and floods the previous day.

Perhaps this post should be "Birds of the day".

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