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work in conservation with a young family?

Hi. I'm new to the forum and have a question...

I am coming to the end of my open university degree in Life sciences which I undertook through a desire to work with a greater variety of animals (my previous employment has always been as a dog trainer) and ideally in conservation. Whilst doing this degree I have managed also to get myself two children, the youngest of which will be starting school next september, allowing me to go back to work. I have been a full time mum for the last 3 years and was working part time before that when I had just the one little guy.

I would really like to do an Msc and have found a fab one at reading in wildlife management and conservation that I'm hoping I can do next year but my question is - will I be able to find jobs in this area of work that I can balance with looking after 2 children? Or will I be wasting my time with this Msc as I am unlikely to be able to commit to a full time job following it? Although I am passionate about wildlife I am equally passionate about my family and am not prepared to compromise on their wellbeing for my own work.

I'd love to hear anybody's opinion or experience on this dilemma.

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