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Re: Pick up sticks

Originally Posted by Chris Yeates View Post
....please tell me you collected the leaf and could send it to me?....
Hi Chris,

Erm - No, I didn't collect it. I suppose that's frustrating for guys like yourself, but since I don't have microscope equipment, I never bother to collect anything. As by now, I probably wouldn't be able to get through the front door for fungi samples.

I usually assume (wrongly I suppose) that what I'm finding will be quite common, and wouldn't warrant any special examination, so to collect everything on the off chance seems a little excessive.

In the case of this one, the colour was a rather uniform "off white", and the bluish cast must be a result of low light when I took the photo. (The exposure for this shot was 15 seconds at f32).

Hopefully, having no blue cast would make this less interesting? - Although I personally would still like to know what it was. (To which you will now say - well if I had collected it for examination, there might have been a chance. ).

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