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Re: Late Spider Orchid (Wye)

Unfortunately, like many of these reserves, the only indication you are in the right place is a small information board by the side of the road and it is the same with Wye.

Your best bet is to phone Kent Wildlife Trust and ask them about the situation of the Late-spiders at Wye. If you fancy a trip to Park Gate (and I definately recommend this!) you can contact Ian Rickards who is the warden and his email address is at the bottom of this webpage: ParkGate_Down The site is public but is certainly best to ask which species are currently in flower and of course whether the Late-spider is out/there.

In my experience, a lot of hard graft is needed to find orchids of this rarity but the Late-Spiders might be easier because at least they are caged so should be easier to spot if you're in the right area at Wye.

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