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Re: Fungal Plant Parasites

Good thread Chris.

Others to catch around now: photos not to hand.
  • on Lesser Celandine. There are 3-4 rusts, but one forms smallish spots visible on the top of the leaves, and a characteristic rust coloured spot on the underside (Uromyces dactylidis).
  • Sweet Violet. a couple of rusts, but the one I've seen recently on leaves and petioles was Puccinia violae.
  • Oregon Grape. Mahonia rust Cumminsella mirabilissima. Look for leaves discoloured a darkish burgundy colour. Turn them over and the underside of the leaf will have a rusty felted appearance.
  • Meadowsweet: a bit early yet, but this is a spectacular (and under-recorded) rust. Probably occurs everywhere Meadowsweet grows.

All of these are gall causers as well.

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