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Re: Hello again

Good morning, gentlefolk,

I'm one of those who fell off the WAB treadmill when things went pear-shaped and it's a hell of a job to get back onto it. Inevitably when your preferred forum dies you find other things and places to do and visit and equally inevitably you then get into a new routine. And then there's also the input/output situation on WAB.

What was a very busy place is now akin to a graveyard of old faithfuls; not necessarily all old but all of you just popping in from time to time (like me) as if just to assure others that we're still alive and kicking.
The beating heart died and the site now feels to me like an old pensioner on his last legs, kept alive by a pacemaker perhaps and by appearances and brief chats from assorted younger, healthier friends and visitors.

Inevitably too, things like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr have grown and become addictive and before you know it your spare time is full to overflowing if it wasn't already. Inevitably we tend to drift with the current and move on as a natural event in life.
It's sad but it really is a fact of life. Sites that once were thriving are now extinct and when anything dies (or suffers a major catastrophe) it takes a hell of a lot to revive it and if it weren't for WABs extensive library of photos and information it too might well have died - terminally.

To me, a site that I once used, easily becomes a bit of history; a place to reminisce about rather than use regularly again and I doubt that I'll be here for more than the occasional view and perhaps to ask a question from time to time. It's not that I've found a better nature site but I've grown used to other new friends elsewhere now and I'm sure that this applies to many others too. Oh sure, things might go full circle but we don't tend to like change, do we?
It's nothing personal to WAB - but then again, the site did as good as commit suicide, didn't it?

Nevertheless I wish everyone well and would really love to see the multitudes back again - it would be great and proof that our interest in British wildlife is still strong. Sadly, thanks at least in part to the new multitudes around us, that abiding interest is now threatened - it'll be for you stalwarts to keep things going.
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