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Can I Post External Links?


Wild About Britain allows occasional links to external websites, but we don't allow spam.

We're keen to help promote non-profit wildlife and environment websites around the UK, but we also want to control the type and amount of links posted on the site.
With a few conditions attached (see below) we allow quite a lot links on the site via our link pages, forum signatures, directory, forum profile, news etc., but we don't want links to start filling up the forum threads because:

Not surprisingly, we've found some members linking out to external sites as a form of free advertising
Links can sometimes be a real community killer, stopping a conversation and taking it off the site
The URL of links can often change and the 20/30 replies in the thread become a waste of time.
It's easy to cut and paste content into the forum or reference pages, so there should be little need to link to external websites
We don't want to link to unsuitable or illegal webpages and websites, and the content of the link page might change
Lastly, if WAB links to blacklisted sites then we lose credibility and points with search engines, so we've added rel="nofollow" code to all links

With 2 million visitors a year and thousands of members who have their own sites, we'd soon have lots of threads trashed by links if we allowed everyone to post them whenever they like.

The Good News - Ways in which you can link from Wild About Britain

You can link to your own non-commercial wildlife and environment website in your forum signature, after you have first placed a prominent link to www.wildaboutbritain.co.uk on your own site.
You can setup a reciprocal link with us via our link pages.
If you are an established wildlife or environment-related organisation, you may be able to list in the Wild About Britain directory
You can advertise on the website via the Google ads

We allow links which point to useful, relevant or pertinent information, and lots of them can be found throughout the forum. However, we have to draw a line between valid links and attempts to spam the site or get free advertising etc. If we think that too many links are being posted to a single site then we'll remove them all and/or block the site.