British Wildflowers

British Wild Flowers on Wild About Britain include the latest UK wild flower news, hundreds of British wild flower images in our photo gallery, lots of wild flower conversations in the insect forums, a directory of wild flower-related organisations and websites, as well as a big reference encyclopedia with information on UK species from the Stinking Tutsan and the Deadly Nightshade to the Oyster Plant and the Bird's-nest Orchid

Encyclopedia of British Wildflowers

Common Name Scientific Name Description
Bell Heather Erica cinerea

It's leaves are dark green and the flower is short stalked and a crimson purple colour. This... more

Blue Eryngo Eryngium planum

Eryngium planum is a hardy perennial that is clump forming with heart shaped, spiny leaves on... more

Blue Fleabane Erigeron acer

This plant is a small perennial that produces masses of lavender blue daisy like flowers that... more

Common Vetch Vicia sativa ssp. segetalis

Climbing plant with branched tendrils. Flowers pink or purple, often bicoloured, rarely... more

Common Centaury Centaurium erythraea

This is an annual with pink or white flowers that have five petals and a distinct yellow centre... more

Identification of British Wildflowers

Genista anglica
Crambe maritima
Reseda lutea
Heracleum mantegazzianum


Title Description
Stamen One of the pollen-bearing organs of a flower.