British Wildflowers

British Wild Flowers on Wild About Britain include the latest UK wild flower news, hundreds of British wild flower images in our photo gallery, lots of wild flower conversations in the insect forums, a directory of wild flower-related organisations and websites, as well as a big reference encyclopedia with information on UK species from the Stinking Tutsan and the Deadly Nightshade to the Oyster Plant and the Bird's-nest Orchid

Encyclopedia of British Wildflowers

Common Name Scientific Name Description
Greater Duckweed Spirodela polyrhiza

Plant consists of a green thallus floating on water. The thallus is often tinged purplish... more

Greater Burdock Arctium lappa

The leaves of the Burdock are large, heart shaped and pale green on the upperside, greyish on... more

Common Vetch Vicia sativa ssp. segetalis

Climbing plant with branched tendrils. Flowers pink or purple, often bicoloured, rarely... more

Burnet Rose Rosa spinosissima

A low growing shrub rose, it has five small creamy-white petals. The purple-black hips or fruits... more

Chicory Cichorium intybus

A tall perennial plant that is a member of the Aster family and has hairy stems and large sky-... more

Identification of British Wildflowers

Gymnadenia conopsea
Erica cinerea
Lavatera arborea
Gentianella campestris


Title Description
Wing petal Lateral petals of many flowers such as orchids and pea flowers.