British Moths

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Encyclopedia of British Moths

Common Name Scientific Name Description
Agonopterix arenella Agonopterix arenella

The Agonopterix arenella adopts a posture of flattened overlapping wings when resting, which is... more

Acleris logiana Acleris logiana

This moth was thought to only inhabit the Birch woods of the Scottish Highlands, it has now... more

Acleris hastiana Acleris hastiana

This moth is probably the most variable Tortix moth and has numerous named forms, some of them... more

Rannoch Brindled Beauty Lycia lapponaria

The males forewings are whitish in colour marked with black. The female is wingless. Both sexes... more

Beautiful Yellow Underwing Anarta myrtilli

The red-brown or brown colour of the forewing, together with the marbled grey-white markings and... more

Identification of British Moths

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Title Description
Primary seta Any of the hairs (setae) present on nearly all butterflies and moth first-stage larvae.