British Moths

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Encyclopedia of British Moths

Common Name Scientific Name Description
Blood-vein Timandra comae

Background colour variable cream to pale grey. Vein pink or purple, can vary in thickness.

Grey Scalloped Bar Dyscia fagaria

The colour of the wings varies with habitat. Moths in upland areas tend to be whiter and those... more

Ectoedemia quinquella Ectoedemia quinquella

This is a rare moth, found mainly in the south-east of England. The picture shows the first... more

Acleris lipsiana Acleris lipsiana

Occurs locally on high moorland and mountainous regions of Scotland and England.

Batia unitella Batia unitella


Identification of British Moths

Acronicta rumicis
Ourapteryx sambucaria
Thera cupressata
Acronicta psi

Latest Moths News


Title Description
Postnatal seta Any of the hairs present on second-stage and older butterfly and moth larvae that are absent on first-stage larvae.