British Moths

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Encyclopedia of British Moths

Common Name Scientific Name Description
5 Spot Burnet Zygaena trifolii

A mainly black and red moth, although the black markings can have a greenish sheen in sunlight... more

Acleris ferrugana Acleris ferrugana

This species shows a wide range of colours but can be recognised by an unusual raised patch of... more

Acleris hastiana Acleris hastiana

This moth is probably the most variable Tortix moth and has numerous named forms, some of them... more

Agonopterix kaekeritziana Agonopterix kaekeritziana

A fairly uniformly-coloured species, with two or four darker dots on the forewing. The adult can... more

Lunar Underwing Omphaloscelis lunosa

A variable species, with individuals ranging from yellowish orange to dark brown. The darker... more

Identification of British Moths

Latest Moths News


Title Description
Postnatal seta Any of the hairs present on second-stage and older butterfly and moth larvae that are absent on first-stage larvae.