British Moths

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Encyclopedia of British Moths

Common Name Scientific Name Description
Adela croesella Adela croesella

The male of the species has a very long antenna while the females is shorter and thicker at the... more

Fox Moth Macrothylacia rubi

This moth is named after its colouration; males are usually foxy-red/brown and females grey-... more

Lead Belle Scotopteryx mucronata

Very similar to the July Belle and can be difficult to distinguish from it. The July Belle... more

Esperia sulphurella Esperia sulphurella

A small chocolate brown moth marked with lemon yellow, it rests with it's antennae held forward... more

Grey Scalloped Bar Dyscia fagaria

The colour of the wings varies with habitat. Moths in upland areas tend to be whiter and those... more

Identification of British Moths

Drymonia ruficornis
Malacosoma neustria
Crambus pascuella
Agonopterix nervosa

Latest Moths News


Title Description
Tubercle Any hairless projection on a pupa or larva.