British Mammals

British Mammals on Wild About Britain include the latest British mammal news, hundreds of UK mammal images in our photo gallery, lots of conversations in our mammal forums, a directory of mammal-related organisations and websites, as well as a big reference encyclopedia with information on UK species from the Fox and the Water Vole to the Otter and the Common Shrew

Encyclopedia of British Mammals

Common Name Scientific Name Description
Serotine Bat Eptesicus serotinus

The Serotine bat is one of the largest bats found in the UK. It has long fur that is dark to... more

Mountain Hare Lepus timidus

Sometimes known as the Blue hare because of Blue-grey summer coat, but in winter it turns white... more

Pygmy Shrew Sorex minutus

The Pygmy Shrew is Britain's smallest mammal. It has brown fur and has a pointed, narrow nose... more

Field Vole Microtus agrestis

Grey-brown above, cream-grey below - more even than Bank Vole. Tail less than 40% of body length... more

Hoary bat Lasiurus cinereus

One of the largest bats with a thick dark brown fur that is tipped with a white/silver colour... more

Identification of British Mammals

Martes martes
Tursiops truncatus
Barbastella barbastellus
Delphinus delphis


Title Description
Altricial Refers to mammals that are born requiring close paternal care, such as Rabbits, whereas the young of Hare (leverets) don't, they are precocial.