British Insects

British Insects on Wild About Britain include the latest UK insect news, thousands of British insect images in our photo gallery, even more conversations in the insect forums, a directory of insect-related organisations and websites, as well as a big reference encyclopedia with information on thousands of species from the Gorse Shieldbug and Rose Sawfly to the Hairy-footed Flower Bee and the Summer Chafer.

Encyclopedia of British Insects

Common Name Scientific Name Description
Chequered Skipper Butterfly Carterocephalus palaemon

The Chequered Skipper is easily identified and beautifully marked with it's upper wings of... more

Speckled Bush-cricket Leptophyes punctatissima

The Speckled Bush-cricket has a relatively squat green speckled body with black dots. The female... more

Spear Thistle Lacebug Tingis cardui

The Spear Thistle Lacebug has a grey-brown appearance that is in powdery white deposits of wax.... more

Green Carpet Colostygia pectinataria

When freshly emerged the green colour of the forewing, combined with the wing markings, help to... more

Roesel's Bush-cricket Metrioptera roeselii

The Roesel's Bush-cricket has a marbled brown body with a pale margin.

Identification of British Insects


Title Description
Chelicera Chelicera is the name of either fang-like part on a spider, that is used for piercing or holding.