British Insects

British Insects on Wild About Britain include the latest UK insect news, thousands of British insect images in our photo gallery, even more conversations in the insect forums, a directory of insect-related organisations and websites, as well as a big reference encyclopedia with information on thousands of species from the Gorse Shieldbug and Rose Sawfly to the Hairy-footed Flower Bee and the Summer Chafer.

Encyclopedia of British Insects

Common Name Scientific Name Description
Brown Hairstreak Butterfly Thecla betulae

The upperside of the Brown hairstreaks' wings are a rich brown. The female has a bar of orange... more

Geranium Bronze Butterfly Cacyreus marshalli

Similar in appearance to the Brown Argus but lacks the orange spots. An accidental introduction... more

Green-veined White Butterfly Pieris napi

Wings white with prominent greenish veins on hind wing. Uppers have one or more spots. Small... more

Large Skipper Ochlodes faunus

Upperwings dark brown and orange brown with pale markings. Underwings buff-ish orange with paler... more

Mintho rufiventris Mintho rufiventris

A rare Tachinid fly with distribution mainly in south-east England.  The fly in the pic is one... more

Identification of British Insects

Zygaena trifolii
Drymonia ruficornis
Palomena prasina
Oegoconia caradjai


Title Description
Egg The initial stage of any insect.