British Fungi

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Encyclopedia of British Fungi

Common Name Scientific Name Description
Jelly Ear Auricularia auricula-judae

Fruit body 3-8cms across ear shaped, outer suface tan-brown with minute greyish downy hairs,... more

Old Man of the Woods Strobilomyces strobilaceus

A rare, medium to large Bolete, found either solitary or in small groups in both coniferous and... more

Black Bulgar Bulgaria inquinans

Fruit body 1-4cms across. rubbery globose , the margins tightly inrolled when young, brownish,... more

Pinecone Cap Strobilurus tenacellus

A small and delicate fungus found either solitary or in small groups attached to partly-buried... more

Fragrant Funnel Clitocybe fragrans

Cap flattened-convex sometimes slightly depressed, hygrophanous, pale yellowish-brown when wet.... more

Identification of British Fungi

Collybia confluena
Volvariella bombycina
Russula solaris
Lycogala epidendrum

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Title Description
Mucronate With a short, sharp point