British Fungi

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Encyclopedia of British Fungi

Common Name Scientific Name Description
Laccaria proxima Laccaria proxima

A smallish reddish brown agaric that is found growing solitary or in scattered groups in poor... more

Glazed Cup Humaria hemisphaerica

A brown and white cup found growing on soil in troops or on very rotten wood.

Enteridium lycoperdon Enteridium lycoperdon

An large, whitish cushion shaped fungus with a rubbery feel that is found on dead wood of both... more

Common Inkcap Coprinopsis atramentaria

This fungus has an egg-shaped, grey to grey-brown cap with a red-brown centre. The cap surface... more

Lemon Disco Bisporella citrina

A very small, yellow saucer shaped fungus found densely clustered on the dead wood of deciduous... more

Identification of British Fungi

Ciboria caucus
Polyporus tuberaster
Mycena rubromarginata
Psathyrella scatophila

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Title Description
crenate having the edge indented with rounded teeth.