British Fungi

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Encyclopedia of British Fungi

Common Name Scientific Name Description
Conifercone Cap Baeospora myosura

Smallish tan or brown agaric found in coniferous woodland rooting on buried pine cones and other... more

Diderma hemisphaericum Diderma hemisphaericum

A small, whitish, disc-like, stalked  fungus that breaks down, revealing powdery brown spores.... more

Common Cavalier Melanoleuca polioleuca

A smallish brown fungus commonly found growing in woodland and pastures from late Summer till... more

Tripe Fungus Auricularia mesenterica

A greyish-brown, gelatinous fungus found in tiered groups on rotting and dead branches and logs... more

Shaggy Ink Cap Coprinus comatus

When young, this fungus has a tall, egg-shaped or elongated cap that is covered in shaggy,... more

Identification of British Fungi

Inocybe rimosa
Armillaria gallica
Lactarius fluens
Cortinarius sanguineus

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Title Description
Apiculus (of spores) a short projection at the base