British Fungi

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Encyclopedia of British Fungi

Common Name Scientific Name Description
Sepia Bolete Boletus porosporus

This smallĀ  Bolete is found growing singly or in small groups during Autumn in deciduous... more

Yellowdrop Milk Cap Lactarius chrysorrheus

A medium sized fungus with a salmon-pink cap and gills that exude milk found growing solitary or... more

Clustered Toughshank Collybia confluena

This species of fungus is found in dense clumps in deciduous and coniferous woodland and it's... more

Artist's Bracket Ganoderma applanatum

More or less flat, semi-circular, margin acute, often pallid, grey-brown, umber or cocoa-... more

Elastic Saddle Helvella elastica

With their irregularly shaped saddles and pale stems, Helvella elastica fungi are commonly found... more

Identification of British Fungi

Russula ionochlora
Pholiota squarrosa
Mycena amicta
Ceratiomyxo fruticulosa var. arbuscula (2)

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Title Description
aethalium (pl. aethalia) a large, plump, pillow-shaped fruiting body of certain myxomycetes, formed by the aggregation of plasmodia into a single functional mass.