British Fungi

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Encyclopedia of British Fungi

Common Name Scientific Name Description
White Milking Bonnet Mycena galopus var. candida

A small, pure white fungusĀ  with a bell-shaped cap found growing solitary or in small troops in... more

Conocybe aporos Conocybe aporos

Favours calcareous soil. Typically a spring species.

Soapy Knight Tricholoma saponaceum

A large, fleshy fungus bearing characteristic reddish stains found in broadleaf and coniferous... more

Yellow Fieldcap Bolbitus tibutans var tibutans

A delicate fungus with a sticky yellow oval cap when young but flattens with age, becoming cream... more

Matt Bolete Boletus pruinatus

Medium to large bolete with chestnut-brown cap displaying distinctive whitish bloom, yellow... more

Identification of British Fungi

Tremella mesenterica
Crepidotus cesatii
Panellus stipticus
Russula nigricans

Latest Fungi News


Title Description
Ascus(pl. Asci) Microscopic elongated flask-shaped cell in which ascospores are produced