British Fungi

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Encyclopedia of British Fungi

Common Name Scientific Name Description
Wild Dry-Rot Serpula himantioides

Photo on old conifer log at Sherwood Pines in Notts
Similar to Coniophora puteana but... more

Lycogala epidendrum Lycogala epidendrum

Although many slime mould species fruit on wood, slime moulds do not form a penetrating and... more

Encoelia furfuracea Encoelia furfuracea

A small, saucer shaped, tan or hazel coloured fungus found usually densely clustered on living... more

Leopard Earthball Scleroderma aerolatum

A yellowish hard, brown round fungus that is attached by thick rooting strands, found in small... more

Blue Roundhead Stropharia caerulea

A bluish-green to yellow-green fungus found in grassland from late Summer until Autumn.

Identification of British Fungi

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Title Description
Resupinate Lying flat against the substrate, upside-down, with pore-bearing laye outwards