British Fungi

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Encyclopedia of British Fungi

Common Name Scientific Name Description
Mosaic Puffball Handkea utriformis

6-12cms across, squat and pear-shaped when mature, tapering towards the base. White to pale grey... more

Inky Mushroom Agaricus moelleri

A carbolic smelling Agaric that grows in both broadleaf woodland and coniferous woodland.... more

Chestnut Dapperling Lepiota castanea

A smallish fungus that is also one of the deadliest. It contains toxins similar to that of the... more

Parasola auricoma Parasola auricoma

"Parasola auricoma (Pat.) Redhead, Vilgalys & Hopple, in Redhead, Vilgalys, Moncalvo,... more

Sepia Bolete Boletus porosporus

This small  Bolete is found growing singly or in small groups during Autumn in deciduous... more

Identification of British Fungi

Tubaria furfuracea
Omphalina rickenii
Mycena arcangeliana
Steccherinum ochraceum

Latest Fungi News


Title Description
Yeast A unicellular fungus that multiplies asexually by budding or fission