British Dragonflies

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Encyclopedia of British Dragonflies

Common Name Scientific Name Description
Scarce Chaser Libellula fulva

The mature male Scarce Chaser possesses pale blue pruinescence on the abdomen. Its eyes are blue... more

Black Darter Sympetrum danae

This small heathland and moorland species is the only UK black dragonfly (males). The legs are... more

White-faced Darter Leucorrhinia dubia

Length: 33-37mmThe White-faced Darter is a small dark dragonfly, with a pale creamy white frons... more

Southern Hawker Aeshna cyanea

A large, inquisitive Hawker usually seen individually. It may fly quite close to investigate... more

Common Hawker Aeshna juncea

This Hawker has paired spots on each abdominal segment, two broad stripes on the sides of the... more

Identification of British Dragonflies

Brachytron pratense
Crocothemis erythraea
Libellula quadrimaculata
Aeshna juncea