British Butterflies

British Butterflies on Wild About Britain include the latest butterfly news from around the UK, thousands of British butterfly photos in our image gallery, hundreds of butterfly conversations in our insect forums, a directory of British butterfly-related organisations and websites, as well as a big reference encyclopedia with information on everything from the Brown Argus and Mountain Ringlet butterflies to the Large Tortoiseshell and Chequered Skippers.

Encyclopedia of British Butterflies

Common Name Scientific Name Description
Camberwell Beauty Butterfly Nymphalis antiopa

This very colourful, medium-sized butterfly is a strong flier and is easily picked out and... more

Large White Butterfly Pieris brassicae

A large strong flying butterfly. Brilliant white wings with black tips to forewings, extending... more

Small Heath Butterfly Coenonympha pamphilus

The Small Heath always rests and feeds with it's wings closed, thus making it difficult to ever... more

Silver-studded Blue Plebeius argus

Females brown with row of red spots. Undersides brown-grey with black spots, a row of orange... more

Mountain Ringlet Butterfly Erebia epiphron

A dark brown butterfly with row of black-centred orange eyespots on wings. Similar to Scotch... more

Identification of British Butterflies


Title Description
Collar A hard transverse plate on the top of the larva, just behind the head.