British Butterflies

British Butterflies on Wild About Britain include the latest butterfly news from around the UK, thousands of British butterfly photos in our image gallery, hundreds of butterfly conversations in our insect forums, a directory of British butterfly-related organisations and websites, as well as a big reference encyclopedia with information on everything from the Brown Argus and Mountain Ringlet butterflies to the Large Tortoiseshell and Chequered Skippers.

Encyclopedia of British Butterflies

Common Name Scientific Name Description
Real's Wood White Butterfly Leptidea reali

Upperwings white with rounded edges. Males have black mark in edge of forewing. Undersides white... more

Mountain Ringlet Butterfly Erebia epiphron

A dark brown butterfly with row of black-centred orange eyespots on wings. Similar to Scotch... more

Red Admiral Butterfly Vanessa atalanta

A striking almost black butterfly with distinctive orange bands across the upper forewings and... more

Brown Argus Butterfly Aricia agestis

The ground colour is a rich chocolate brown with a single black spot on each of the forewings,... more

Peacock Butterfly Inachis io

This beautiful and perhaps best known butterfly shares its name with the equally colourful... more

Identification of British Butterflies


Title Description
Lamella A hard plate, sometimes present near the female's mating tube.