British Butterflies

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Encyclopedia of British Butterflies

Common Name Scientific Name Description
Camberwell Beauty Butterfly Nymphalis antiopa

This very colourful, medium-sized butterfly is a strong flier and is easily picked out and... more

Small Skipper Butterfly Thymelicus sylvestris

Moth-like, the male and female butterflies are similar in appearance, with the exception of the... more

Small Copper Butterfly Lycaena phlaeas

Forewings bright orange ground colour, with brown spots and brown margin ? its hindwings are... more

Large Heath Butterfly Coenonympha tullia

Found in boggy habitats in northern Britain, Ireland, few sites in Wales and central England.... more

Black-veined White Butterfly Aporia crataegi

A large butterfly with a white ground colour and clear black veins. It's rounded wings are... more

Identification of British Butterflies


Title Description
Mimicry A process in which one species has come to resemble a second, poisonous species, resulting in a lessened likelihood of the mimic being attacked by predators.