British Birds

British Birds on Wild About Britain includes the latest bird news from around the UK, thousands of bird photos in our image gallery, hundreds of bird conversations in our bird forums, a directory of British bird-related organisations and websites, as well as a big reference encyclopedia with information on everything from the Magpie and Ruddy Shelduck to the Temminck's Stint and the Great Northern Diver.

Encyclopedia of British Birds

Common Name Scientific Name Description
Ring Ouzel Turdus torquatus

These birds are slightly smaller and slimmer than a blackbird - male ring ouzels are
... more

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Dendrocopos minor

The smallest woodpecker. The head is black and white, black nape and white forehead, the flanks... more

Cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo

The Cormorant is a large conspicuous waterbird that has an almost primitive appearance, with it'... more

Sanderling Calidris alba

In winter plumage their grey and white plumage distinguishes them from the same size but longer-... more

Little Stint Calidris minuta

Small wader about 2/3rds the length of a Dunlin with a fine tipped short bill and black legs.... more

Identification of British Birds

Anas erythrorhyncha
Calidris pusilla
Miliaria calandra
Regulus ignicapillus


Title Description
Caching The storage or hoarding of food for later eating during times of limited food availability.