British Birds

British Birds on Wild About Britain includes the latest bird news from around the UK, thousands of bird photos in our image gallery, hundreds of bird conversations in our bird forums, a directory of British bird-related organisations and websites, as well as a big reference encyclopedia with information on everything from the Magpie and Ruddy Shelduck to the Temminck's Stint and the Great Northern Diver.

Encyclopedia of British Birds

Common Name Scientific Name Description
Willow Tit Poecile montanus

The Willow Tit and Marsh tit are very difficult to tell apart, and were not separated in Britain... more

Audouin's Gull Ichthyaetus audouinii

A large gull restricted to the Mediterranean and the western coast of Saharan Africa. The adult... more

Arctic Warbler Phylloscopus borealis

As large as Wood Warblers but much duller, lacking in yellow tones. The neat pale wing-bar is a... more

Tawny Owl Strix aluco

A broad winged medium sized owl. Colour varies from a grey-brown to a rufous-brown, Mottled and... more

Brambling Fringills montifringilla

The Brambling is a finch whose plumage changes considerably between summer and winter.

In... more

Identification of British Birds

Riparia riparia
Turdus philomelos
Aythya collaris
Saxicola rubicola


Title Description
Cap The cap is the top of a bird's crown (the top of the head)