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Why was Wild About Britain Established?


Wild About Britain started life in 2003 when the founding trustees noticed that, during the past couple of decades, successive generations of young people were becoming less knowledgeable of our natural environment.
Throughout the 80s and 90s, British wildlife continually lost public interest to many high-energy, mass-marketed and technology-driven past times. Where interest in wildlife and nature still remained, much of it was directed towards the seemingly more glamorous aspects of worldwide nature, rather than UK species. 
Early research showed that today's children are more familiar with species of the African national parks, Arctic tundra, Amazonian rainforests and tropical oceans, than the nature that can be found in their own back garden, local parks and woodlands. Moreover, whilst some children and young adults were aware of national wildlife organisations that cater for specific interest groups, few had any knowledge of local environment issues or the facilities that were available to them on a local level.
In direct response to the above problem, and with the help of family and friends, Stuart Diston-Hunter started the Wild About Britain project and launched the website in the autumn of 2004. Since then, Wild About Britain has helped to promote the invaluable work of the UK's small local wildlife groups, provide information and resources on a wide variety of environmental topics, and helped to raise awareness of the incredible nature than can found throughout the British Isles.
To date, Wild About Britain has published thousands of news stories on every aspect of British wildlife from every corner of the UK. We regularly promote hundreds of events each month and our online gallery now displays thousands of wildlife photographs, the vast majority of which have been taken by visitors to the web site.
With an invaluable team of volunteers from across the British Isles, wildaboutbritain.co.uk now contains more than 250,000 pages on British wildlife and has become one of the leading online resources to information on the UK's natural environment.